I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern State University in Computer Information Systems.  Computer Information Systems would be best described as a fusion between Computer Science and Business Administration.  I am also an alumnus of Theta Chi Fraternity.  Such alumni include Steven Spielberg (Zeta Epsilon '69), Lee Iacocca (Beta Sigma `45), and Robert "Lefty" Grove (Beta Eta '42).  In my senior year of college, I decided that I really wanted to explore the world of filmmaking.  This wasn't really a shock to my parents.  While living in Carpinteria, CA, my father had studied both photography and film at Brooks Institute.  He was both a professional photographer (A Brooks Institute graduate who received the most prestigious award from their establishment) and a professor on the subject for over twenty years.  Some of his students include Mark Seliger (former senior photographer for Rolling Stone magazine), C.C. Lockwood (National Geographic contributing photographer), and John F. Rhodes (former sports photographer for the Dallas Morning News).  My father was also a former USAF pilot who flew C-130s (including the ski model).  He participated in many missions including Operation Long Shot, a nuclear weapons test, which was held on the Aleutian Islands.

My mother is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and is an alumnus of Kappa Delta Sorority.  She was an educator, having taught English, for over three decades.  Both of my parents are now retired.  Upon graduation, I studied under Stephen King's first Editor Michael Barren and the Emmy Award Winning Producer Bob Banner  (Candid Camera, Star Search, It's Showtime at the Apollo, and The Carol Burnett Show).  My talents soon led me to producer Kathy Hudson and her independent film Nursie which starred C. Thomas Howell (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Outsiders, and Red Dawn).  I was credited as Associate Producer.  I also became a good friend of the film's director.  Director Joe C. Maxwell is known in Los Angeles for his exemplary cinematography work on feature films, music videos, and commercials.  He is the son of Robert Caramico, ASC.  I have done rewrites for companies such as Ubisoft and I have also served as a consultant to such producers like Andrew Gaty on his project with legendary director George Romero entitled, Diamond DeadDiamond Dead was being spearheaded by Scott Free Productions.

At some stage in all of our lives, we question who we are and our purpose in this world.  I feel it is our duty to seek out our origins and research our ancestry.  Not only are we to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our forefathers, but we are also to learn from them.  It was through research and eventually genetic testing, that both my father and I learned that our line is from the Tur Abdin / Harran area in Assyria.   Coincidentally, I am a practicing Maronite Catholic.  My father's line is genetically classified as J-M172 (aka J2).  J2 is unique to ancient Assyria / Northern Mesopotamia.  At the time, this was a bit of shock due to our limited knowledge of our ancestry and our myopic analysis of our surname.  There are many misconceived notions about surnames.  Surnames are a modern invention.  Prior to the Middle Ages, individuals were often referred to by title which was indicative of reputation or location.  A few historical examples being:   Jesus of Nazareth, Arnulf of Metz, and William the Conqueror.  After the Middle Ages, when governments introduced personal taxation, surnames developed.  A surname can allude to ancient ancestral occupations,  geographical locations, or by simply paying homage to an ancient ancestor.  Throughout the centuries, surnames have continued to "evolve" and "develop."  For instance, my name and its surname evolution likely developed in the following manner:

Sometimes, surnames are completely random.  For example, African-American slaves, upon receiving freedom, often chose to take on the surnames of famous inventors, presidents, and in some cases, their former owner's surname.  There are documented cases in which immigrants have changed their names in order to avoid discrimination.  This occurred, for example, among the Jewish people.  Throughout history, many empires have imposed unique cultural names upon its conquered populace.  This practice was witnessed among the Romans.  During the Muslim conquest of the Middle East, converts to Islam were given new names.  Needless to say, genetic testing has proven to be invaluable.  Genealogy, genetics, archaeology, anthropology, and history all greatly fascinate me.  We all share a common ancestor if we were to go back 200,000 years.  As previously mentioned, my patrinlenial line originates in Assyria.  Around 300 A.D., my ancestor(s) left the region of Tur Abdin / Harran. Around 700 A.D., my ancestor(s) left the region of Lebanon.

I am involved with several charities and causes.  In Defense of Christians and the Nineveh Plain Protection Units are two very important ones.  In Defense of Christians raises awareness about the persecution of Christians within the Middle East.  The Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU) was formed by the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM) after ISIS invaded Mosul in 2014.  When ISIS invaded, the Kurdish Peshmerga fled their stations and left Assyrians helpless.  The goal of NPU is to provide protection not only to Assyrians, but all ethnic minorities within northern Iraq.  The Nineveh Plain is the ancestral home of my people.  I am also fighting for a province for Assyrians within Iraq.  A province is afforded to us via the Republic of Iraq's constitution.  If you wish to know more, don't hesitate to drop me an email.